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Diamond Wheels, Electroplated Diamond Wheel, Resin And Metal Bond Diamond Wheels


We are Manufacturers of Diamond Wheels, Eletcroplated Diamond Wheel, Resin And Metal Bond Diamond Wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheels
Diamond wheels are used for grinding Carbide. Glass. Ceramics, Ferrite, Stone, Thermoplastic and Reinforced plastic. Quartz. Silicon etc...
These wheels are available in RESIN. METAL & ELECTROMETALIC BONDS.
(A) RESIN BOND :Extremely versatile, Free Fast & cool cutting, Rapid stock removal, lower power consumption, Dry or wet grinding used in mfg. & Resharpening of carbide cutting tools. Economical in use.
(B) METAL BOND :Strong bond with good abrasion resistance. Better wheel life. Wet grinding, Better edge retention. Used in cutting & Grinding of stone, glass, ceramics
(C) ELECTROMETALIC BONDS :This bond is a single-layer Diamond grit. No Self sharpening effect, easy to produce form (shape) products. Best application of these tools are in Ferrite, Cotton, Nylon, Sandhania sheet, Glass, Carbon, Printed Circuit Board, Plastic, Rubber & Tyre cord. Any special form tools can be made in this bond.

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